Best Women’s Basketball Shoes 2022 – 7 Top Rated Reviews

Only a decade earlier, there were a few shoe stores that exhibited women’s basketball shoes in their cabinets. Today, the trend has changed altogether. Now, every showcase in the shoe market glitters with the best women’s basketball shoes 2022. This is not only the result of the increased popularity of basketball among women but also the consequence of the beauty and the luxury of the women’s basketball shoes, which increased the popularity of basketball shoes among women.

However, this increased popularity of basketball shoes also demonstrates how the fashion of this game has set in society. Once, basketball was only a masculine game. With the change in other aspects of life, women’s interest in the basketball game has also taken a different track. Now we see an increased number of women wearing basketball shoes not only for a basketball game but also for trekking, trudging, hiking, marching, so much so for going to the office, attending parties and even shopping.

Best Women’s Basketball Shoes


Best Women’s Basketball Shoes – Best Sneakers for Style & Performance

For your best selection, here you will find a couple of good brands. All the brands have peculiar fashion and bizarre features. However, with the difference in the natural structure, you need a pair of shoes that is most suitable for your feet. This article will help you find the basketball shoes that might suit you the most.

Women’s Basketball Shoes
NIKE Women's Court Borough
Best Sneakers for Women
Under Armour Women's Jet
Best Budget
Under Armour Unisex-Adult HOVR
Soft & Comfortable Shoes
Adidas Unisex-Adult Pro Model 2g
Lightweight Shoes
Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose
Best for Ankle Support
Nike Women's Training Shoes
Best Traction Shoes
Nike Women's Flex Trainer 9
Best Shoes for Grip


Best Sneakers for Women

NIKE Women's Court Borough



  • Sophisticated shoes
  • Well ventilated to reduce sweating
  • Boost cushioning at the Sensitive Points
  • Nice traction pattern
  • Synthetic material
  • Low top shoes
  • Rubber sole
  • Back loop for easy wearing


  • A little pricey

NIKE Women’s Court Borough Are sophisticated shoes for your feet. Their striking colours attract watchful eyes. They come in pink and black colours also. However, the eye-catching white colour gives the appearance of tennis shoes. It may be a good reason for your selection if you like the trend of tennis shoes. On the basketball court, they create a long white streak all along with your swift movement.

They easily get into the rank of the best women’s basketball shoes because they have all the good features of beauty and performance at the optimum level. They look short of nothing that may retard their fame all over the globe. And they are welcomed by many people by dint of variety of features. Here I mention a few of them.

Low Shaft Basketball Shoe

For agile and nimble feet, low shaft basketball shoes are the best option. Though high shaft shoes offer good support to the ankles, they sometimes create hurdles in the freedom of movement and obstruct the flex of the ankle. If you are fond of agility and you have no problem with ankle, then Nike Women’s Court Borough shoes are the best assortment for you. Low shaft shoes are also good for trekking and running.

Circular Traction Pattern

Without good traction, you cannot exhibit your bursting performance. You realize on your first step on the basketball court what level of traction your shoes are providing you. If you feel any flaw in the traction level, your performance comes to the bottom in no time.

In this regard, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole provides you with the best traction. Furthermore, the circular pattern of the channels provide you sublime traction, and you may play with sublime confidence.

Boost Cushioning

Cushioning provides you with the best support that you need on the basketball court. Your agile moves cannot accomplish without the support of boost cushioning. You may feel the importance of boost cushioning when you make a jump for a powerful dunk. You feel a supporting force that springs you to the height of the steel rim.

Breathable Synthetic Upper

Profuse perforation all over the upper provide air circulation inside the entire toe box and keep your feet cool even during the hardest games. Nike Court Borough proves to be good basketball shoes for women in this regard. You may observe the perforation level and conceive how cool your feet feel inside that ventilated upper. You will get your feet wet in sweat, even on a hot summer day.


If you are looking for best indoor basketballs to play indoor basketball, check out our detailed indoor basketball guide here.




Best Budget

Under Armour Women's Jet



  • Imported stuff
  • Rubber sole with good traction pattern
  • High shaft
  • Innovative features
  • Complex assortment
  • Three weather kind gears
  • Abundant vents
  • Lace and heel loops
  • Unique design


  • You can’t slip them on without unlacing the shoes.

Under Armour Women’s Jet Encompass superior qualities. They are the upshot of extraordinary toil and labour, which makes them one of the best women’s basketball shoes. The technology used in their assortment is complex. They come in three models. The first one is for extremely hot weather, the second one is for extreme cold, and the third one is for between these two extremes.

They are the personification of the passion for the game of basketball. One cannot help praise their beauty and performance for long. Let’s have a short journey in the land of their top features.

Zoom Air Bubbles

There are plenty of chances for Under Armour to keep your pace on the basketball court. They abound in air bubbles which provide robust rebound on the nimble jump of yours at the backboard for a forceful dunk. This creates a marvellous charm in your game. This also improves your stance of dribbling and shooting. Zoom air bubbles enhance the performance of the shoes and then ultimately yours.

Bloated Vents

You will never see as numerous vents as Under Armour Women’s Jet contain. From the toe tip, tongue, vamp, quarter to the collar and heel counter, the entire upper part teems in vents and perforations. This perforation style ensures a nip of freshness during all your earnest game. If you like to experience extraordinary ventilation, Under Armour is the best choice in this regard.

Topsy-Turvy Traction Pattern

One of the most remarkable features of Under Armour Women’s Jet is their topsy-turvy traction pattern. Such a pattern ensures the first-rate friction that may keep you upright, even on slippery floors. Their pattern also sings about the mission of Under Armour. Their mission is to lace the shoes with exaggerated features, especially for the ladies.

Soft Sole

Under Armour Women’s Jet offer such softness inside the shoes that you may feel your feet on the rose petals scattered all along the way. And, then, their soft cushioning feels like massaging your feet with their soft fingers while walking or running.


If you are short on budget, this pair of shoes is one of best budget shoes.




Soft & Comfortable Shoes

Under Armour HOVR Havoc 3



  • Imported module
  • Rubber sole with good traction pattern
  • Low shaft for agile movement
  • Beautiful notches for vents
  • Attractive colour
  • Three weather kind gears
  • Copious vents
  • Curvaceous shape
  • Unique design


  • 1.72 pounds is a little high weight for the basketball shoes.

Under Armour Unisex-Adult HOVR Show loftier potentials. They are made for beauty and performance. Low top ensures an agile game throughout the session. Under Armour include eye notches for breathing instead of scattered vents. Their attraction lies in their soft texture and remarkable grace. Their laces have an exclusive look, and so is their performance to support your feet in your potent game stances.

The best women’s basketball shoes comprise a couple of basic features. These features are interconnected with the performance and physical appearance of the shoes. We remark some features underneath to see how Under Armour titivates the shoes with these basic features.

Boost Padding

The rubber sole and the whole upper from the toe tip to the heel counter consist of comfy pads for the best performance of your ankle and the foot. Your performance doubles up with the boost padding in the rubber sole. You feel amazing bounce on your heels while dribbling and shooting the ball at the backboard.

Distended Apertures

Under Armour Unisex upper consists of beautiful notches with overfed vents for the best circulation of the air inside the toe box and all around. You may see different beautifully shaped patches all over the upper with genially packed ventilators. Their beauty lies in the pattern they make. They are not simply scattered all over the upper. They are given beautiful shapes, which makes the shoes a fantastic piece of art.

Topsy-Turvy Traction Pattern

Under Armour Unisex-Adult HOVR are unique in their traction pattern as well. If you have a close look at the sole, you’ll get impressed by the exclusive job of the manufacturer. HOVR is endowed with such a nice traction pattern that you’ll not skid even the floor is wet and unable to provide any friction. This topsy-turvy traction pattern is amazing.

Ergonomic Module

Under Armour, Unisex-Adult HOVR is the best picture of an ergonomic module. Breathing uppers ventilate the whole shoebox to keep your feet cool and calm. You don’t need to unlace your shoes time and again to bring their temperature down. Their lacing system, comfy toe box, sophisticated sole and cool design all make them sophisticated and ergonomic modules. Their low top rubber sole provides maximum agility to your feet and graceful movement during tramping and slogging.




Lightweight Shoes

Adidas Adult Pro Model 2G



  • Light weigh patent leather
  • Rubber sole with complicated traction pattern
  • Low shaft with elastic lock
  • Flamboyant colours
  • The full arch lacing system
  • Three strips beautify the upper
  • Grotesque look
  • Good ergonomic grip
  • Unique design


  • Not much suitable for the people with wider feet, oedema or other issues

Enhanced lace eyes never looked so charming. Adidas Unisex-Adult Pro Model 2g with a streamlined look and characteristic lace construction not only enhances the charm of the shoes but also ensures better lock for high arch or low arch feet. Shoes fit all the shapes of the feet quite naturally. Their colour and glitter mix to mesmerize the onlookers and the spectators. These shoes are the best women’s basketball shoes.

In the comparison of men’s and women’s basketball shoes, we see a couple of differences. Women’s basketball shoes are designed with the perception and understanding of delicacy. Their colour scheme is also different based on the difference of the outlook of both the genders. Let’s see how Adidas make the best women’s high-top basketball shoes.

The Charismatic Shoes

Feminine outlook is more subtle about the colour and the style of the shoes. Good basketball shoes for women must contain some basic features to satisfy the feminine aesthetic sense. Adidas Unisex shoes are a cheerleader of radiance and splendour. They give such a bizarre look that influences even the keenest observer and acutest critic. Their warm colours brighten the whole atmosphere.

Ankle Joint Lock

Instead of providing cushions or padding to the ankle joint, an elastic lock is provided. This lock not only provides support to the ankle but also ensures the free movement of the ankle without any hurdle of the long shaft of the shoes. This system is specially made for agile athletes who like to exhibit their enthusiastic stances on the basketball floor. This lock enhances the beauty of the shoes very well.

Light Weight Patent Leather Upper

Adidas Unisex-Adult Pro has a special look because of the patent leather upper. Its glittering colour and soft lining at the toe tip join together to satisfy the taste of exaltation. This lightweight material encompasses double aspects. Patent leather contains its specific glitter that is matchless in every respect. Its shine marvels the curious eyes of the spectators. Secondly, patent leather is more durable and resilient.

Soft Cushioned Sole

Adidas consists of fabulous soles with many a great feature. They contain boost cushioning for a comfy feel as well as a bouncy rebound. They hold a complex traction pattern to saves you from any accidental injury due to skidding. Its charming colour does not limit to the upper only. It goes all along with the outsole EVA to midsole EVA. Rubber outsole and midsole have a great combination of white & blue or white & red colours.




Best for Ankle Support

Adidas Adult D Rose 773 Women's Basketball Shoes



  • Durable rubber sole
  • Ample breathing vents
  • Beautiful paraphernalia
  • Amazing colour scheme
  • Long arch for good grip
  • Low shaft for agile movement
  • Boost cushioning
  • Well-padded upper
  • Cosy and comfy synthetic material


  • The top loop is not functional

Adidas Unisex-Adult D Rose look fabulous pair of shoes. Their streamlined structure has good appeal. The robust back loop looks pretty amazing, and it makes the wearing process easy in the presence of the elastic band at the margin of the shaft. Breathing vents are wonderfully scattered all over the cushioned upper and the toe box. The toe box is wide and suitable for comfortable movement of the foot inside the covering.

Their lacing pattern is fine. However, the uppermost lace loop does not look for function. It is put over there only for look. The boost padded rubber sole looks amazing, and the colour scheme is lively and very appealing. They feel as cosy on wearing as its superficial appearance shows them to be. For friction, a unique pattern is endowed to the rubber sole. In-short, Adidas Rose shoes seem to be the best women’s basketball shoes.

Beautiful Streamlined Structure

To satisfy the feminine aesthetic sense, the Adidas Unisex-Adult Rose shoes really resemble the roses in the spring park. They are marvellous paraphernalia with a specific appeal. They are made to beautify your tender feet with all the possible provision of comfort and luxury. Their beautiful streamlined structure assures your marvellous performance on the basketball court and your expertise in the forceful dunking stance.

Fit to the Tender Feet

They are unisex and hence good for both masculine and feminine feet. However, for men above 20, the shoes may feel awkward because of the womanish colour scheme and the shoe pattern. They are quixotic pair of shoes for the schoolboys.

However, women of all age levels will feel it fit for their tender feet for the game as well as early morning walks in their favourite park.

Elastic Strip at the Back for Good Grip

You may find a good-sized strip at the margin of the heel notch. This elastic strap is constructed for a strong grip of the shoes on the heel. The heel counter is well cushioned and supports the heel in agile movement. The elastic strip also provides good ankle support.

A large loop covers the area above the heel notch and not only beautifies the back part of the shoes but also does not let the soft elastic tissue break on a sudden rebound of your feet.

Die-cut EVA Sole

The streamlined structure is the outcome of the die-cut EVA sole. If you look at the shoes from the back, you’ll witness an amazing artistic cut of the midsole. This unique cut is very helpful for the grip, especially on the feminine foot. It creates marvellous harmony between your dynamic moves and the resonance of the sole on your tough drives on the basketball court.




Best Traction Shoes

Nike Women's Basketball Shoes




  • Rubber sole with good traction
  • Best sneakers
  • Elasticated heel for friction
  • Air zoom cushioning for a bouncy feel
  • Impressive colour scheme
  • Ultramodern design
  • Ergonomic style


  • Need to use an insole to reduce rigidity under the toe

Nike Women’s Training Shoes have an absolutely different structure from other Nike basketball shoes for women. Their toe is endowed with surplus lining. Their heel is triangular in shape and heel notch is elongated to a visible height, and heel stabilizer and moustache have a thick conical shape. This difference of structure not only makes them a unique pair of shoes but also makes them ideal for training and running.

Nike Women’s Training Shoes contain sophisticated and avant-garde features. They are truly the innovative running shoes by Nike. They come in seven different colour combinations. Each colour combination is the symbol of modern technology and unique ideas. They contain unique performance on the same pattern of their physical appearance. They can be easily put in the category of the best women’s basketball shoes.

Breathable Mesh and Synthetic Upper

Nike Training Shoes have minute vents for breathing. Their synthetic upper provides a cool grip on the feet and keeps the foot tight to tread at an accurate angle. Mesh upper is provided with breathing vents in various designs which decorate the upper in a unique way. These beautiful vents give an extraordinary look and make them good basketball shoes for girls.

Foam Midsole

The provision of a comfortable and cool feel is the aim of every brand of Nike. Here, Nike goes a couple of paces ahead of other brands. They have endowed Nike Training Shoes with foam midsole. This midsole plays a good role in providing a boost to the heel to keep the pace of running.

It also ensures a comfy feel to reduce fatigue and exhaustion during continuous exercise and does not let your muscles come lethargic aimlessly.

Running Shoes

Nike Training Shoes can be used in a variety of activities. Their use does not confine only to play games. They can be put on to join a friends’ party. They can be used to visit the fruit market. However, they are created basically for running purposes.

It is why when you think about sneakers, the first option and final option for you remains Nike Training Shoes. Their traction pattern is complex and provides you with an anti-skidding feature to the ultimate level.

Air Zoom Cushioning

Air zoom cushioning is a unique technology to provide bounce to your heel during trekking and trudging. They help improve your swift movement and powerful involvement in a race. Their ergonomic style makes them top-rated women’s basketball shoes. Air zoom cushioning has another advantage. They help reduce the weight of the shoes up to zero gravity.




Best Shoes for Grip

Nike Women's Flex 9 Sneakers




  • Textile and synthetic material
  • mported module
  • Rubber sole with good traction pattern
  • Low shaft for agile movement
  • Lightweight and flexible shoes
  • Dynamic grip
  • Durable and resilient
  • Tri-Star outsole


  • May not much suitable for wider fit due to its tight fitting quality

Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 9 sneakers are cool women’s basketball shoes. If you are fond of trudging and tramping, these basketball shoes are for you. There are various reasons to acclaim Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 9 as the best women’s basketball shoes.

The first reason to like them is their soft beauty. Their textile and synthetic upper conceives a cool appearance which is loved by the people who are fed up of profligate pomp.

Secondly, they are designed for low-impact workouts and circuit training. Its flexibility improves your preliminary exercises. Their foam midsole is durable and makes the shoes lightweight. Its synthetic upper and heel strap augments support and control.

Its rubber sole contains a good traction pattern which improves your grip on the floor in heavy rebounds. Let’s have a bird’s eye view on a couple of features Nike Flex Trainer is adorned with.

Flexible Trainer

Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 9 are the most appropriate for you if you are taking training lessons. They provide many features that you need in your initial days of taking your classes on various stances, method of dribbling or way of shooting and dunking the basketball.

They help you learn the technique of keeping control during drooling and slobbering your basketball at your best. The Nike Flex TR 9 contain a breathable mesh that keeps your feet cool during your long exercise.

Dynamic Containment

On the basketball court, your dynamic actions prune your game and bring sublimity in the actions. To support your dynamic actions, Nike Flex Trainer offers synthetic upper and heel strap, which adds support and containment to your feet.

Your feet may feel snug in the cool containment of your shoes and keep their strength for long spells of the exciting game on the basketball court. Tri-Star outsole pattern swells to dissolve pressure.

Textile and Synthetic

Textile and synthetic material has replaced leather, especially in basketball shoes. The reason is quite vivid. Synthetic sole or upper is soft, weightless, inviting and beautiful. Though synthetic material cannot match the durability of leather, but leather is never as much flexible and lightweight as synthetic material is. It is why synthetic material has utterly replaced leather shoes, especially when they are used for games or trekking.

Breathable Comfort

Mesh upper of Nike includes numerous vents for breathing. We observe strewn vents all over the upper and the tongue. This ventilation system provides your feet a unique kind of breathable comfort. You may play for long without any fear of giving stinky smell of profuse sweating. Now, you may remain cool during your sojourn on the basketball court.




Final Words

Best women’s basketball shoes are laced with such granted features that we can only marvel at. If we start from their beauty, we will have to end at the same topic. The reason is quite obvious. The topic is never-ending. Some shoes were adorned with such a fabulous color scheme that a romantic poet may dissolve his individuality in their wondrous colors. They are not less showy than roses in the rose garden. Their texture is not less soft than the roses in the rose garden.

If we talk about their soft sole, we cannot satiate our curiosity until we experience their softness practically. Often our words cannot draw the picture even we keep on writing for long hours. But, a momentous real experience may tell us the real taste of any unique thing. The softness of the sole is not the thing to describe in words. It is the thing that you need to experience for understanding the real softness of the sole of your shoes contains.

There are many more features of your shoes that we can only marvel ot. Here, we get less space to keep on talking about all the fine features of the best shoes. In short, the best women’s basketball shoes are the best in their taste of wearing and then having an experience of their fabulous features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. What are the best shoes for basketball?

Based on rating the best women’s basketballs are Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 9. However, my experience says that NIKE Women’s Court Borough are also fantastic shoes.


Q2. Are basketball shoes unisex?

Most of the basketball shoes are mentioned as unisex. However, you know the natural difference between masculine and feminine feet. Hence, it is better to select the shoes according to the sex.


Q3. Are basketball shoes good for weak ankles?

Yes, they are good for weak angles. Especially, long shaft shoes specified for ankle support are really fine for weak ankles.


Q4. Are low top basketball shoes dangerous?

No, they are not dangerous. Rather, they are better for the people who have high arches. However, low top basketball shoes can only be dangerous if you use them on rocky places. They may also lack some features that high top shoes contain.

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